Sat., Nov. 17, 2018 • 12 noon • at the farm

We will be selling 20+ Commercial Female Cattle

Breds & Opens Ready to Breed

Heifer videos are at the bottom of the
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Silent Auction Policy for 11-17-18

  1. On Friday, Nov. 16 & early morning of Nov. 17, cattle will be grouped in pens and
      identified with ear tags. Videos of the cattle are posted on our farm website, but you
      are welcome to come by the farm and view them in person.
   2. On Sat. morning, Nov.17, you will need to register at the check-in desk, as an active
        bidder, by filling out a bidder card.
   3. Each animal for sale will have a clipboard on a designated table at the auction arena.
       There will be a bidder’s sheet on each clipboard, where bidders will write down their
       bidder number and the price they want to bid on that animal. This gives the bidder the
       opportunity to bid, but not the obligation to bid. If you are the high bidder on the
       bull/or/heifer of your choice, you are not required to buy the other bulls/or/heifers
       that you had your bidder number on.
   4. The minimum opening bid (base price) for each lot is printed on our website and will
       also be on that animal’s individual bid sheet/clipboard.
   5. Buyers may place a bid on any clipboard at any time throughout the morning, until the
       silent bidding closes at 12 noon cst.
   6. At 12:15 cst, animals with more than one bidder will be auctioned off in $100
       increments, until a successful buyer is determined. This process will be repeated
       on each animal with more than one bidder.
   7. Cattle that do not receive a bid during the silent auction may be offered at the minimum
       opening bid until Jan. 1, 2019.



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